Why Women Love Hair Extensions

4 Reasons You Will Agree With

No matter your background, switching up your hairstyle, haircut, hair length, or hair color is something we all love to do. But, constantly manipulating your hair can be damaging, and this is where hair extensions come into play.
A variety of women that love hair extensions prefer to change their looks and diversify their hairstyles with hair extensions. When I first started wearing hair extensions, at first, I didn’t realize how many benefits they had for my 4c natural hair.

After months of protective styling with hair extensions, I noticed that my hair grew much faster, was healthier, and overall better than before. After years of wearing extensions, (and it’s okay to be on the fence about buying/wearing hair extensions) I have realized that there are many advantages to using extensions.
Let’s get into some of the best reasons why people love hair extensions.

1. It Protects Your Natural Hair
Hair extensions are a great protective style that enables you to have less manipulation on your natural hair. Some people love hair extensions because it helps them protect and grow their hair. Natural hair isn’t always equipped to endure everyday wear and tear, but hair extensions help with that!

2. Flexibility Before Committing
Hair extensions are a great way of testing out new hairstyles before fully committing to it. I have fallen prey to this on a few instances, and when I am not sure about a new hairstyle to see if the style suits me, I test the hairstyle with extensions before I fully commit to it.

3. Thicker or Longer Hair
Hair extensions provide longer and thicker hair for those looking to enhance their look without heavily manipulating your natural hair.

4. It Reduces Heat Damage
You can easily avoid heat damage by utilizing hair extensions. If you wear wigs, closures, or any extension style that covers all of your hair, you will reduce the use of hot tools on your natural hair, thereby reducing the chance of heat damage to your natural hair.

Hair extensions have many benefits, but ultimately, you won’t understand why people love it unless you try it for yourself.

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